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Spraying and Top Dressing

By Matt Horstman, Agronomist, Dimock

Where has June gone. The month is half over already and that means spraying season is well upon us. The pre-emerge products that got put out are holding up well, but most fields will need a post-emerge pass done at some point on them. There are a lot of good options out there to choose from. Visit with your agronomist and they will give you a recommendation that fits your needs.

Something to keep in mind is the June 30th Dicamba deadline coming for Xtend soybeans. With 2 weeks to go and rain delays here and there it may become a challenge to get that application made by the deadline. There are other options out there that will do a good job if you don’t get Dicamba put on your soybeans in time.

Another topic to discuss is top dressing corn with nitrogen. Keep in mind that putting more nitrogen down on your corn crop can be done in few different ways. You can do it with dry fertilizer, liquid fertilizer or with foliar nitrogen products. All have their pros and cons but remember putting a stabilizer product with them is always highly recommended this time of year. That way your nitrogen can lay there waiting for the rain to get it washed into the ground. As always call with questions.




Covering Your Needs

By Chris Rutledge, Agronomist, Irene

What a spring it has been! Between products, pricing, availability, and if the rain was going to start or not. Well, it’s raining, and the crops are off to a great start. With the rainfall and high commodity prices it’s time to be thinking about side dress, nitrogen, and sulfur, as well as foliar feed and fungicide. CFC can help you cover all these needs. Talk with your agronomist to see what your best fit might be.





By Jeff Schmiesing, Agronomy Department Manager

We had a nice rain over Memorial weekend. The crop should be off to a good start. As dry as it was, it’s unbelievable how fast the soil condition can change.

Now that we feel better about the soil condition regarding moisture, with moisture we should be out scouting the fields for weeds. By scouting the fields, we will make sure we are spraying the right post chemicals on the fields. This is a time we can add other products to help the potential yield of the crop. Depending on what crop it is, there are many things we can add to help the yield and do it all in one trip across the field. Winfield makes many products we can add for corn, from foliar zinc to a foliar boron. If you are wondering which one will help you the most, we can do a leaf tissue test. By doing this leaf tissue test we can see what you are short for fertility. It will also tell you if you are short nitrogen. If you are short nitrogen, there are two options you can go with; you can top dress with urea or use Coron. Coron is a foliar nitrogen you can use with your post spraying, and you won’t have to make an additional trip across the field. Any questions on these products, please get a hold of your agronomist for rates, and timing.

There are also products for your bean crop. I think the biggest bump you can get will be from using a fungicide on your crop. There are many different fungicides to use. A couple we are carrying are Trivapro and Delaro Complete. Both these products you can use on corn or beans. There are three modes of action with these products to cover more diseases that are potentially out there. The return on investment is big this year with these two products, with the crop prices where they are at. Make sure you talk to your agronomist on timing and what hybrids you will get the biggest bang for your dollar, when using these products.


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